Natural Change is not your regular leadership programme.

This innovative and powerful approach is different. There are no frameworks or handbooks. There are no gurus. We don’t use PowerPoint presentations. We don’t spend endless hours in conference rooms or on Zoom. There isn’t a handbook. We don’t work on compliance. And we don’t count carbon.

We believe that sustainability leadership is more about who you are, than what you know.

Natural Change shifts the focus of sustainability leadership from seeing nature as a set of resource and pollution problems in need of technical solutions, towards developing strong personal relationships with the rest of nature. 

The programme takes place almost entirely outdoors … because that’s where we most easily experience ourselves as part of nature. It builds on this personal experience with powerful insights about the psychology of our relationships with each-other and the rest of nature. Evidence shows that this impacts our sense of identity – which fundamentally shapes the ways we live and lead (Chawla, 2004; Key & Kerr, 2011; Whitmarsh, 2010; Vesely, 2021). 

The process is holistic. As you explore your own place in the heart of nature, it provides numerous other benefits. 

Extensive research shows that time outside improves your mental wellbeing and physical health, which reduces burn-out and illness – while increasing productivity and work satisfaction (for example see Berman, 2012; Corazon et al, 2018; Li et al, 2009; Park et al, 2010; Triguero-Mas et al, 2017; Tyrväinen et al, 2014; Ulrich et al, 1991).

It increases your ability to solve problems, innovate, communicate and learn (Atchley et al, 2012; Wells, 2000) and it helps you concentrate and focus (Bratman et al, 2015). The evidence even shows that time outdoors tends to make you kinder, happier and more generous too (Piff, 2015; Weinstein et al, 2009).  

For many people being outdoors in nature also provides the context for cultural identity and spiritual fulfilment (Ashley, 2007; Patterson, 1998; Stringer & McAvoy, 1995).

The Natural Change process delivers a wide range of benefits to self, society and planet. It is led by expert facilitators who convene inspiring group work, rare opportunities to slow-down and reflect, time to create and innovate, and bristling conversation. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to be part of a unique international community of leaders united in their love of nature and deep-seated commitment to lead change for a sustainable future.

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