We are at a critical moment in human history.

The evidence is now beyond scientific doubt that we are exceeding our planet’s capacity to provide resources and process pollution. The impacts are already being experienced, especially by those living in poverty. They will impact everyone alive today, including you and I. They will drastically impact future generations.

The window for simple, easy actions has closed. To address interconnected and global-scale issues like global warming, biodiversity loss and zoonotic viral spread, it is now going to take a fundamental shift in the way we understand ourselves in relation to the rest of nature. This includes challenging some of the basic cultural assumptions by which we currently live.

We can no longer rely only on science and technology and on environmental management or conservation for solutions. We must actually change who we think we are, to match the biological reality of what we are – animals living in an ecosystem. This is a psychological and cultural task that will require extraordinary leadership.

Fortunately, there are actions we can take to avert – and in many cases reverse – the damage. But nature will not wait – we need to adopt innovative new approaches to leading change quickly and at scale. Natural Change is one of these innovations.